About me

Hi, my name is Max and I’m a MSc computer scientist, software developer, web designer and maker from Germany. I'm related to the world of computers for rougly three-quarters of my lifetime and I'm doing serious programming for more than eleven years now. I started with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML back in 2005 and created my own CMS system and then discovered Java. In the near past - roughly four years ago - I discovered C and AVR assmbler as the more hardware related programming lanugages.

My Master's thesis - which I finished in fall 2016 - deals with developing a custom communication protocol which involves the GPIO pins of a single-board computer (Pi): check it out here. And in my Bachelor's thesis I developed a portable Apple ][ emulator - it is really cool, check it out. Besides this I really like to make (e.g. build) things like electronics or furniture and doing woodworking in general. Beneath that I adore, like, love movies. You can discover more about this here.

The intend of this "online-project-place-thingy" i.e. webpage has multiple layers: first of all I wanted to start a blog since 2010 (six years of prep time - beat that!) and I also wanted to practice my written English to improve it. Furthermore my thought was that someone could get a use out of my experiences and projects. So I really hope that you get any use out of this page.

Get in contact

Just send me a mail to the following mail address - I'm happy to answer and will respond as quickly as possible.

In the meantime you can also checkout my profiles at:

(Really short) FAQ

Q: Which programming language do you really want to learn?
A: I really want to learn VHDL or Verilog (or both) and discover the world of FPGAs with a development board. I know what FPGAs are and I know roughly what you can do with them but I never experimented around with one. There was no need for me yet. But this is surely on my TODO list.

Q: What are the fanciest programming lanugages you speak?
A: I guess Haskell and especially Prolog are not very common. But I like the functional scheme. I'm not fluid in those languages when making a cold start but after focusing on the details and remembering them I have no problems. This is because I normally do not use them.

Q: Do you speak language XYZ?
A: Probably yes. But if I do not know XYZ and I need it I will simply learn it.

Q: I want you to give me / make me / help me / ...
A: Contacting me might be an option for you.

Q: Is there a software you really want to design and implement?
A: Yes, surely. I guess there are many ideas and plans in my mind. But I really want to create a custom programming language - called »Max« - which is interpreted and not compiled. I even created a basic EBNF grammar but I got dragged away by other things (as always). I like to create parsers for DSLs (Domain Specific Languages). My Theia project is an example for this although the grammer was already given.

Q: Can you program an Android app?
A: Yes. (Why does everyone want to know this?) I already created an Android app: a file manager to organize files. When doing a cold start on Android development I really need to take a look into the API and help docs since I keep forgetting the structure because I write those apps rarely and the Android architecture seems complex or at least other than the usual architectures.

Q: What is your favorite television series?
A: NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles (and propably the originator J.A.G.).

Q: What's on the photo above and do you like hiking?
A: Yes, I do like hiking and the photo shows the view from the Weißhorn (2317 m) - a mountain in the Fleimstal Alps in South Tyrol, Italy.

Q: Are there other things you really want to do?
A: Yes many things (obviously). The next thing I plan to realize is to create my own PCB and let it be manufactured professionally by a company. And then I want to travell to LA!

Q: What is your current private project?
A: I'm working on multiple private projects right now. If I'm tired of one I switch to another. And since these are all private projects and nobody waits for results (besides me) I can afford this luxury. So I'm currently working on understanding the VobSub format (subtitles on DVDs, very looong story on »why?«) and on a special Arduino-based music player as well as on a custom CPU and instruction set. Either completely implemented with discrete parts (Transistors or MOSFETs) or with NAND logic CMOS ICs (74HCT00) - because discrete ROM is okay (diode matrix) but discrete RAM is complicated. But a nice challenge. Besides these hardware projectes I plan to continue my project Bert and extend it.

Q: Which are your most used projects (created by yourself)?
A: My most used projects (which I published here) are MovieManager and Bert. Bert runs still on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B revision 1.2 (the »original« one from 2012) which works perfectly fine.