About me

Hi, my name is Max and I’m a MSc computer scientist, software developer, web designer, woodworker, movie lover and maker. I'm related to the world of computers for rougly three-quarters of my lifetime and I'm doing serious programming for more than one and a half decade now.

I started with PHP & HTML and MySQL back in 2005 (and created my own CMS system) and then came over Java/JavaEE to NodeJS, AngularJS & Angular and modern web development with HTML5 in general. Besides this I also like hardware engineering and microcontroller related projects and therefore know the world of C/C++ and AVR assembler since Atmel microcontrollers are my goto product. See two great results here and here.

The intend of this "online-project-place-thingy" is to have a space where all my (un-)finished projects finally go and maybe someone can get a use out of my results.

Get in contact

Just send me a mail to the following mail address - I'm happy to answer and will respond as quickly as possible.

In the meantime you can also checkout my profiles at:

Other bits and pieces

Q: Which programming language do you really want to learn?
A: I really want to learn VHDL or Verilog (or both) and discover the world of FPGAs. But there was no need for me until now ;-(

Q: What are the fanciest programming lanugages you speak?
A: I guess Haskell and especially Prolog are not very common. But I like the functional scheme. I'm not fluid in those languages when making a cold start but after focusing on the details and remembering them I have no problems. This is because I normally do not use them.

Q: Do you speak language XYZ?
A: Probably yes. But if I do not know XYZ and I need it I will simply learn it.

Q: I want you to give me / make me / help me / ...
A: Contacting me might be an option for you.

Q: What's on the photo above and do you like hiking?
A: Yes, I do like hiking and the photo shows the view from the Weißhorn (2317 m) - a mountain in the Fleimstal Alps in South Tyrol, Italy.

Q: Which are your most used projects (created by yourself)?
A: My most used projects (which I published here) are MovieManager and Bert. Bert runs still on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B revision 1.2 (the »original« one from 2012) which works perfectly fine. Besides what is published here, I have a huge collection of scripts to help me out for many tasks (written in Bash & NodeJS).